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Kirkland, Washington
Kirkland Choral Society at Washington

Kirkland Choral Society

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Kirkland Choral Society

The largest choral group in the Eastside district, Kirkland Choral Society features almost 100 singers who are all extremely gifted. The chorale repertoire boasts selections from a fine array of composers, such as Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Haydn, and Liszt. Programs have also included the singular works of Leonard Bernstein and Dave Brubeck. While the Society rehearses at Lake Washington United Methodist Church in Kirkland, performances take place at various Seattle-area venues.


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Concerts generally start at 7:30 p.m.

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  • Kirkland Choral Society: A Silver Celebration
  • Welcome All Wonders
  • Brahms Fest


  • Concerts
  • Musical Training
  • Lectures


To order tickets for Kirkland Choral Society concerts, call 425-296-0612 or send an email to tickets@kirklandchoralsociety.org.

Performance Locations

Kirkland Choral Society has performed all over, including Seattle’s First United Methodist Church and Meany Hall. Rehearsals take place in Lake Washington United Methodist Church in Kirkland.


  • What composers were represented in past programs at Kirkland Choral Society?

    Over the years, there have been choral masterpieces from a wide range of composers, including Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Bach, Vivaldi, Liszt, Dave Brubeck, and Leonard Bernstein
  • Can I audition for Kirkland Choral Society?

    Absolutely. The group is always on the lookout for experienced singers in every voice range. Auditions feature basic sight-singing and a rhythm exercise. You don’t need to prepare anything.

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